Ostrom Mushroom Farms Receives $102K Energy-Efficiency Rebate from Benton REA


November 19, 2021

Ostrom Mushroom Farms Receives $102K Energy-Efficiency Rebate from Benton REA

Sunnyside, Wash., -- Ostrom Mushroom Farms accepted a $102,585 energy-efficiency rebate from Benton REA, its electric cooperative utility, on November 18, for construction and installation of energy-saving equipment at their Sunnyside facility.

In 2019, Ostrom's installed several energy-efficient measures including LED lighting, water-cooled chiller equipment and variable frequency drives on air handlers, cooling tower fans, boiler fans and composting tunnel and bunker fans. These new-construction projects are projected to save the company 2,383,097 kilowatt hours each year over the energy they would have consumed with lower-cost, less efficient baseline equipment they could have installed.

Ostrom Mushroom Farms CEO Travis Wood accepts the $102,585 rebate from Benton REA on November 18. From left: Troy Berglund, Benton REA community development and member relations manager, Wood, Shannon Olsen, Benton REA assistant community development and member relations manager and Eric Miller, Benton REA Energy adviser.

"It helps the bottom line, but also helps reduce our carbon footprint," says Travis Wood, CEO of Ostrom's. "Sustainability is key through utility initiatives like this."

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, measurement and verification of the company's energy savings was completed in 2021 after Ostrom's was at 100% production capacity.

"Our energy goals are tied to our philosophy on sustainability…reduce, reuse and recycle," says Fletcher Street, director of marketing and sales for Ostrom's.

Ostrom's is also minimizing its carbon footprint by making its own compost from farm waste and recycling its wastewater and corrugated boxes.

Ostrom's grows white and brown agaricus bisporus mushrooms, the common white, crimini and portabella varieties, in its 237,253 square foot growing space. The farm has room to double production.

You can find their mushrooms in Washington at Safeway under the Signature Farms brand, Metropolitan Market, Fred Meyer and QFC under the Kroger brand, Town & Country Market and Central Market.

In addition to the energy-efficiency rebate, Benton REA helped Ostrom's secure a 0% interest ownership credit loan through the cooperative and a 2% interest loan through the United States Department of Agriculture during its 2019 construction in Sunnyside. As the USDA loan is paid back, Benton REA will place the funds into a revolving loan fund for other economic development projects in the area.

"Ostrom's is taking full advantage of their co-op membership through Benton REA's energy efficiency incentives and economic development programs," says Shannon Olsen, assistant community development and member relations manager of Benton REA. "We look forward to working with them as they grow, improve efficiencies and create jobs in the Sunnyside community."

Businesses members of Benton REA interested in more information about the co-op's energy-efficiency rebates and loans may call 509-786-8265 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Benton Rural Electric Association, also called Benton REA, is a member-owned and operated cooperative and has been providing affordable, reliable energy and other member driven compatible services to enhance the quality of life for all its members since 1937. Benton REA is led by a board of trustees representing each of the cooperative's eight trustee districts. Benton REA is headquartered in Prosser, Wash., with a branch office in West Richland. Visit www.bentonrea.org for more information.

Since 1928 Ostrom Mushroom Farms has earned its place as the trusted provider of fresh mushrooms to customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Over the years Ostrom expanded growing operations several times, utilizing the latest growing technologies, adding new varieties of mushrooms and developing innovations in processes, packaging, and distribution methods to assure that Ostrom's products are the best in the Northwest.

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