Ostrom's Vitamin D enhanced Mushrooms!

 All 8 oz and 16 oz packaged sliced white and crimini mushrooms now contain 100% of the Daily Value of Vitamin D per 3 oz serving. That is 400 IU's.!

Vitamin D and Mushrooms!
Mushrooms contain a plant sterol called ergosterol, which converts sunlight into vitamin D much the same as our human skin converts sunlight into vitamin D.

At Ostrom Mushroom Farms we expose mushrooms to a UV light for a matter of seconds to get a full 400 IU's of vitamin D in a 3 oz serving. There is nothing added to the mushroom to help them absorb the light, it is all entirely natural.

Mushrooms are the only produce item that has vitamin D, making them the perfect whole food choice for people on restricted or alternative diets (vegans, lactose-intolerant or food allergies).

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