Starting this fall, Ostrom’s will “pink” mushroom packages to continue supporting breast cancer research. For each package sold, 0.0025 cent per package will be donated directly to research on breast cancer and mushrooms at City of Hope (to meet a flat donation of $50K), based in Duarte, CA, one of “America’s Best Hospitals” in cancer, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Scientists at City of Hope were some of the first to uncover the cancer-fighting potential of mushrooms. Initial lab studies found that ingredients in mushrooms suppress the effects of a natural substance in the body called aromatase. Blocking aromatase is a key way that physicians reduce circulating estrogen levels among their postmenopausal patients. That is important because about 75 percent of postmenopausal women with breast cancer have tumors that depend on estrogen to grow. Clinical trials at City of Hope are now under way in testing the potential of white button mushrooms.

Also, an emerging body of science, including lab, animal and epidemiological studies, suggests that higher intakes of vitamin D may be protective against breast cancer and other cancers, including lung, colon and colorectal cancers. Mushrooms are the only fruit/vegetable that naturally contains vitamin D.

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Vitamin D Mushrooms!

Mushrooms in the 'Pink'

Vitamin D Mushrooms!

Shiitake Mushrooms

SHIITAKE Mushrooms
Good source of:
  • Riboflavin and Pantothenic Acid, which aid metabolism
  • Niacin, an essential nutrient

With a rich and woodsy flavor, shiitakes work as well with seafood as with beef, lamb or pork. Great in Asian and many other ethnic cuisines. Remove and discard stems before use.